About Us

Our team has extensive experience from contributing to the design and development of many sports improvement products. Joe Beer is one of the countries most well respected Cycling and Triathlon coaches and has extensive knowledge when it comes to analysing and implementing peak performance.

Together our team includes experience designing and manufacturing component parts for F1 teams and racing at top level TT and Triathlon worldwide.

This experience combined with our passion for sports makes us the ideal team to deliver Nopinz products.

Designed by Cyclists for Cyclists with the aim of making you faster and more efficient.

Why Club Nopinz?

The Traditional ordering process:

As fellow Cyclists and Triathletes we have been through the sometimes arduous process of designing and then ordering custom cycle kit. In our experience this experience included.

  • Extensive lead times.
  • Large minimum order quantities.
  • And a laborious ordering process.

We thought it was time for a change!

Nopinz launched its custom kit range in August 2016 building upon the success of our Nopinz SpeedPocket and revolutionary skin suits. Our mission:  To improve the ordering experience and revolutionise the way club kit is purchased.

Club Nopinz:

  • No minimum orders.
  • Short lead times.
  • Simple online ordering process for clubs registered with us.

The Nopinz custom kit range has been designed to feature revolutionary designs, the latest materials and be feature rich at competitive pricing. All of Nopinz own brand products are made in house in our factory in North Devon meaning we have full control of the manufacturing process and can meet customers bespoke needs.

Nopinz uses the latest design software, materials and sublimation printers to deliver a truly premium product.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new ordering facilities and look forward to welcoming you to the “clubnopinz” revolution.






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